Monthly Archive: July 2012

Postfix – compilation

Postfix does not have a configure script, so you need to add proper paths and libraries when you creating Makefiles (make makefiles). I must admit, that Postfix code is one of the least problematic...

Pigeonhole – compilation and installation

You can download Pigeonhole for Dovecot from

% wget
% tar -xf dovecot-2.1-pigeonhole-0.3.1.tar.gz

This is my script to configure and compile Pigeonhole 0.3.1 for Dovecot 2.1

Pigeonhole – Sieve support for Dovecot

Overview Pigeonhole is the name of the project that adds support for the Sieve language (RFC 5228) and the ManageSieve protocol (RFC 5804) to the Dovecot Secure IMAP Server. In the literal sense, a...