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OpenDJ – online schema modification

I wrote before about schema conversion to LDIF format and how to add schemas offline by uploading them to config/schema directory in OpenDJ. Now I will describe how to extend schema online, without restart...

LDAP meta directory

Sometimes you need to combine two or more LDAP directories with same suffixes to one directory or you just need to have a proxy. My first attempts to combine two OpenLDAP directories was to make replication from two different sources. This solution however has some disadvantages. First of all: to have syncprov replication your environment must be uniform, this means all source servers and proxy needs to be OpenLDAP. Second: I observed that this is not so stable, because of mentioned earlier issues with OpenLDAP replication.

Unique attributes in OpenDJ

Sometimes you need to set some attributes as unique, for example: if LDAP contains system users, then uid attribute shouldn’t repeat in whole system. OpenDJ is equipped with proper plugin, but it’s not enabled...