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Sudoers in LDAP

In addition to the standard sudoers file, sudo may be configured via LDAP. This can be especially useful for synchronizing sudoers in a large, distributed environment. You need to have LDAP server and client...

Solaris LDAP autofs client configuration

Last time I wrote about autofs configuration on LDAP server, now it is time to configure autofs client in Solaris. I assume that in DUAConfigProfile, objectClasses and attributes are already defined. You can check...


Solaris LDAP client configuration

Oracle Solaris has native LDAP support built in OS, so there is no need to install third-party software to configure Solaris to use LDAP as users/groups and other repository. You can use different ways...


LDAP server for Solaris and Linux clients

Few months ago I received a task to set up LDAP authentication for Solaris 10, Solaris 11 and Linux machines in Customer’s infrastructure. As LDAP server was chosen OpenLDAP 2.4.x in Master-Slave configuration with...

Dovecot – compilation and installation

On Linux systems you can install Dovecot from packages. Appropriate packages supports also LDAP authentication, MySQL and so on. Unfortunatelly you probably would not find a newest versions, when you install in this manner....


Syslog-NG to ulepszony system zbierania i zarządzania logami systemowymi. Potrafi zbierać logi z różnych źródeł, przez udp i tcp i zapisywać je w różnych formatach i miejscach (pliki, bazy danych itp.).


GLib jest mi potrzebne do kompilacji i uruchomienia oprogramowania Syslog-ng.

Poniżej zapis sesji konfiguracji i kompilacji GLib 2.28.7. Skrypt w załączniku.