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Solaris LDAP client configuration

Oracle Solaris has native LDAP support built in OS, so there is no need to install third-party software to configure Solaris to use LDAP as users/groups and other repository. You can use different ways...


LDAP server for Solaris and Linux clients

Few months ago I received a task to set up LDAP authentication for Solaris 10, Solaris 11 and Linux machines in Customer’s infrastructure. As LDAP server was chosen OpenLDAP 2.4.x in Master-Slave configuration with...

BerkeleyDB upgrade

During switching LDAP directory to new environment with newer version of OpenLDAP (2.4.25) and new BerkeleyDB (5.1.25), I received following error message:

Program version 5.1 doesn't match environment version 4.7
database ... cannot be opened, err -30969. Restore from backup!
bdb(...): txn_checkpoint interface requires an environment configured for the transaction subsystem
bdb_db_close: database "...": txn_checkpoint failed: Invalid argument (22).
backend_startup_one (type=hdb, suffix="..."): bi_db_open failed! (-30969)
bdb_db_close: database "...": alock_close failed

This means that you need to upgrade BerkeleyDB. Because this is not OpenLDAP specific, but rather BerkeleyDB specific, I decided to describe how to fix this issue. First of all let’s make a backup: